• Black Tea at it's Best

    To brew the perfect cup of black tea, always ensure you start with fresh, cold water and boil to 100ºC. Pour the water directly over the tea bag or tea leaves and steep for a minimum of three minutes before adding any extras, if desired.

  • The Perfect Pot

    When making a pot of tea, the general rule of thumb is to add one teaspoon of loose leaves per person and one for the pot. Pour the boiled water over the leaves and allow to steep for a minimum of three minutes. Serve in your chicest tea ware.

  • Temperature is the Key

    Water temperature is crucial to the brewing process of tea. For the fullest flavour of our Green Citrus blend, heat the water to 77-83ºC. Boiling water will cook the leaves and lessen the flavour.

  • Tea that Lasts

    If one cup is not enough, you can-re-steep our high quality Green Citrus leaves. Simply add another minute of steeping time to any additional cup to continue to enjoy the refreshing flavour for longer.

  • For the Summer Months

    All four of BOUTEA’s varieties create the perfect iced tea on a warm, summer day. If you enjoy your iced tea with ice cubes, double the amount of tea leaves in your brew so that the flavour isn’t diluted.

  • Fresh & Flavoursome

    When making a peppermint tea, cover your cup during the steeping process. This allows less steam to escape and the release of a more enhanced flavour. Remove the bag or leaves before serving.


How to get the best out of your brew