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    • Green Tea, one of life’s true magic elixirs

      Over the centuries, people have searched for the fountain of youth.

      Perhaps we need not have searched so long and so hard for the source of eternal youth after all. Whilst I won't claim in this blog post that drinking green tea is the answer, it is very very close.
    • 12 reasons you should sip on Peppermint tea each day

      Have you tried Peppermint Tea?

      Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways. It’s almost a magic elixir that can help in so many areas, from aiding digestion, helping you sleep, boosting concentration as well as reducing pain in the body, especially headaches.

      So how is this wonder concoction made?
    • What is the history of Earl Grey Tea?

      Did you know that the history of #EarlGrey Tea is actually shrouded in mystery?
      There are myths around its discovery and why it is now a tea staple. Was it a secret recipe imported from China by the second Earl Grey? Did Jacksons of Piccadilly create the blend?
      or was it created by Lady Grey to hide the chalky water of 19th century London?


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