• Why Sri Lanka?

    We visited numerous companies and plantations in India and Sri Lanka. Eventually we had a difficult decision to make over a tea company that we would be happy procuring our tea through.

    We selected large loose leaf tea. These are the biggest and fullest leaves and roundest leaves from the high grounds of Sri Lanka. We source from a mountain region at the highest points of Sri Lanka making our tea rich in anti oxidants and untouched by the impurities of many plantations. Some of the lower ground plantations can inadvertently be affected from sprays etc used in higher fields and the run off and residue affects the tea. We are confident that this is not something we need to worry about at all.

    Low grade tea (known as everyday or Builders tea) is often paper bags filled with the lowest grade of tea. In the tea factory imagine big swives with multiple layers. As they shake them back and forward the smaller leaves fall through the mesh until the very bottom are the finest, smallest specks of tea commonly referred to as dust.

Why Sri Lanka?


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